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About Us


We aim to promote interest and to advance the knowledge of diseases relating to the blood and blood forming organs and in the practice of transfusion medicine.

How can you join us?

If you have an interest in haematology or are working in a field related to haematology and are interested in joining us, please fill in the application form and return via fax to the address at the top of the form. You will be informed about your membership status after the next executive committee meeting held three times a year.

Membership privileges

You will be invited to attend an Annual Scientific Meeting usually held in April where you can hear local and overseas experts on the various fields in haematology. You will also be notified of any communications and scientific meetings organised or endorsed by the society throughout the year.

Download application form

Download Member Detail Form 2013

Logo Meaning

Blood is the source of life. You can only get blood when you come in contact with sharp objects. And thus is the SHS logo derived from which is represented by two sharp looking blades correlating to the idea of cutting edge Haemotological Science. The two sharp blades which encircles the centre of the attraction, blood cells is intentionally placed opposite each other to simulate the idea of embracing the science of blood in the quest to unravel greater knowledge from this discipline which requires sharp and
critical thinking skills. The blades also forms a rough idea of an eye when taken in unity with the other elements in the logo. This communicates the vigilance, surveillance or a watchful eye in this area of science. The whole logo is presented with red being the main colour simply because blood is warm and you can only get fresh red blood from those who are alive. The fade effect is used to create a sense of motion, that of uncertainty slowly transiting into clarity. This very much relates to what Science is all about. Things only get clearer when you explore what is not known yet. Knowledge is a endless journey of exploring.